I got real seats now!

Okay, so I got my seat cushions installed today. I am not completely satisfied with the rear back cushion – I think it should be as wide as the metal on the seat back (in between the frame tubing), but I can live with it. When I sat in the driver’s seat, I had to sort of look down to see through the windshield – they are that thick and firm. And the smell is great! Really brings back the memories! And Mandy can’t stand it – she made me take them out to the shop after about 4 hrs of being in the house. I can say that it does make the Jeep look almost complete!

I started working on the battery hold downs for the Wal-Mart batteries – after about an hour of not being able to get any of my welds to stick, I figured out that my gas bottle was empty! I switched back to flux core and everything stuck together. I got one hold down almost done – still have to add the tabs for the j bolts. I think I am going to powder coat them if I can find a toaster oven for the baking.

While I was in Tractor Supply getting metal to make the hold downs, I found a 2000# winch for my 4 wheeler on clearance for $50 – so I bought one! Mine crapped out on me last year and I just haven’t been inclined to buy one and install it. I finally did today! It is a little smaller than the one I replaced – which is a good thing. It works with my old switch and solenoid too!

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