Got my hood today

Today I FINALLY got my insurance paperwork and mailed it off to J.C. Taylor. Then I went and picked up my hood. It looks good, but it is MAJOR glossy compared to the rest of the Jeep. Before, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take the time and put a final coat of paint on the Jeep – now, I’ll have to put one on – Oh well! Also, there are MAJOR front end adjustments that need to be made to get this thing lined up right.

Before I went to get the hood, I went ahead and painted the hinges, cutout filler, hold downs and hardware.

That’s about it for today

Today’s update

I started off this afternoon doing maintenance items. I changed the oil (and have a burn from the J pipe to prove it!) and water (I never put antifreeze in it). That water looked more like light chocolate milk than water, so I poured a couple of gallons of clean water through it to flush as much out as possible.

Then I tried to bleed my brakes – because I got air in the system when I changed my brake light switch. The brakes still worked, but were spongy – and the lights didn’t work because air was in the system. I couldn’t get them bled for some reason, so I am going to have to wait on help.

Next, I added a ground strap from the lower generator mounting bolt to the underside of the motor mount bracket. That’s when I realized that the big motor mount bolt wasn’t even tight! I checked the other one, and it wasn’t tight either! Then I added new grounds from the headlights to some known good ground points. Hopefully that will solve my headlight blowing problem, but I am going to check the voltage at the headlights before I replace them.

I took off my fording valves and replaced them with some 3/8″ rubber hose since they aren’t needed anyway – makes maintenance a little easier. While I was doing that, I pulled the PCV valve bell off the side valve cover and re-sealed it because that is where one of my leaks was coming from. I tightened up the gas lines at the tee under the voltage regulator too – another leak that I had.  I hope that one if fixed, because I’m getting tired of getting a strong gas smell when I open up the garage door! I noticed 2 new leaks on the floor while I was under there – one coming from the back of the transfer case output shaft, and one from the front out put shaft. I thought I replaced those seals.

I started working on my new (M151) vacuum wiper motors. The new ones have about a 3/4″ longer shaft than the originals, so I had to cut off about 5/8″ of it (I want the shafts a little longer than the originals). The new wipers also have the hand operating lever mounted on the opposite side, so I will have to mount the motors upside down. I started grinding down the shaft diameter so that I could thread it, then realized I didn’t have a 10-24 die (the only one missing from the set!), so that was the end of the wiper project for today.

Old (left) – New (right):

Shafts shortened:

At this point, I realized that I haven’t even taken the hardware off the old hood. How can I mount my freshly painted hood without hardware? I took the hood hold down brackets, hinges, cutout cover and large footman loop off and cleaned them up along with their hardware and primed them. I guess I’ll paint them in the morning.

When I fired up the engine to move the Jeep over, I heard a deep, low knock! I had plenty of oil pressure, so I left it running and started listening all around the motor. It was coming from the lower par of the engine – passenger side. I put my hand on the block to see if I could feel it – I couldn’t. When I touched the generator I could. Then I realized when I pushed down on the generator, it stopped. Turns out that the generator is vibrating on its mounting bracket. I think shorter belts will raise it enough to get it off of the bracket. Disaster avoided!

Now, first thing to do in the morning is call J.C. Taylor and get then to fax the paperwork for insurance, then I have 2 packages to mail, and then go pick up my hood.

She had a night out with the boys

Last night my neighbor came down to hang out for a while and we ended up taking the Jeep for a ride at 11:00. I took the paved road over to the field – the first time I have had her on the road with the new (unbalanced) NDCCs. She rode pretty smooth – considering! We got to the field and I put her in 1st gear and pulled the hand throttle out 2 notches and we crawled along about 2mph all around the field and then I turned on to the dirt road. About 100′ up the road, the standing water started – then the red mud puddles. The road is narrow and nowhere to turn around, so I could go through it or back back down the road. Needless to say, the M38a1 doesn’t have backup lights and it was dark, so I wasn’t going back. I kept the hand throttle set and crawled on through them all – most were small, but a few were probably a foot or more deep, but only 5 or 6 feet long. The NDCCs didn’t even slip at slow speed. I got to a place where I could turn around and did so. Then it started to drizzle – with big drops. My neighbor was enjoying the hand-operated wiper on his side. Got back home and the jeep quit on me. It was out of gas – perfect timing I guess. I snapped a picture this morning – got a little mud on the tires.

Also, when I turned the headlights off, then back on again, the right high beam blew out (the low beam went a while back), and the left high beam blew. I’ve got to figure this out – these bulbs are expensive!

Today, I went and picked up 7 1/2 gal of gas and put 6 of it in the jeep. Either my float has a hole in it, or my gauge is off, because it is only reading 1/4 tank. Looking down the filler neck, it looks like it might be 1/3 full.

Then I got to work on my top bow support rods. These are pretty easy to make, but cost $50 if you buy them. I think I spent $15 on the 3/8″ rods. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube about how to weld, because the last time I welded, I couldn’t get anything to stick. This time I did much better – got good penetration when I took my time. Anyway, I got them made and I’m ready for my top next month! I didn’t have a good place to take a pic, so this will have to do for now

Hood is painted!

I went to the body shop and painted my hood today. Started out with a light 1st coat. It covered pretty good. After it flashed off, I put another coat on – looked pretty good, except the center part was a little dry. I made some adjustments to the gun before the 3rd coat – it turned out very dry! I decided to clean the gun before I tried again. It turned out that the cup filter was half plugged. The 4th coat turned out pretty wet, so I was happy.



And done:

She’s got new shoes and a tag

Well, I got her tires changed today – they look great on her! They charged $48 to take the old ones off and put the new ones on. When I got home, I notices 2 things: 1)There is  3 nice scratches on one of the rims – enough to probably require repainting!, and 2) THEY DIDN’T BALANCE THE DAMN THINGS! Now, I ask you – what tire service shop mounts new tires and doesn’t balance them? I called them, they apologized and told me to bring them back up there. I told him I would drive it up there when it’s done and they can take them off to balance them.

Anyway, it looks great with the correct tires on it.

After I got them put back on and took these pics, I ran in and changed cloths and ran to the DMV to get a tag. I think this tag is a perfect fit. I can only get 2 of them, so I went ahead and got consecutive # plates – put the other one on my daily driver (HHR). I also reversed the tag bracket so that the tag wouldn’t be vibrating on the bumperette and centered it under the gas can carrier. I think I might cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood to go behind the plate for a little support. Jordan said I need a green frame for it too – I might have to look for one I can paint.

Now that’s a proper looking rear end! Hopefully I can pick up my hood tomorrow and get it painted.

Bumper unit markings – photoshopped in

Ok, so here’s the markings that I think I am going to use. The passenger side (front) and driver side (rear) stand for:

3rd Brigade, 4th Battalion, 83 Field Artillery.

The other letter and number stands for Battery A, 3rd vehicle.

My trailer will have the same unit markings, but the vehicle will be #2

These are from my Dad’s unit in 1967.

Markings on the front


Markings on the rear

Looky, looky!

Fed ex left these for me today – too bad I’m working, or I would take them and get them mounted tomorrow! They are STAs (Specialy Tire of America) instead of Firestones, but I don’t really care. The originals were Goodyear (which you can’t buy in this size anymore), and I have about 5 different name brands between my trailers and parts jeep. UPS also brought my new tubes (I don’t know why they shipped by a different carrier – they came from the same place).