Turn signals!

I got my other vacuum wiper motor rebuilt and painted on Friday (that’s it). Yesterday (Saturday), I didn’t do anything on it.

Today, I put the wiper motor on and ran the vacuum line to it. Then, I put 2 copper washers on the top of the oil filter housing because it was leaking – the new filter element came with a new top gasket (which was the wrong thickness, causing me to have to tighten it down more than necessary), but not a new copper washer (to seal the top bolt). Got that to stop leaking.

While I am on the subject of leaks: 1)There is a leak coming from the side valve cover. 2)There is also a gas leak at the ‘T’ under the regulator (I just put 5 gal of gas in it, so that is going to have to wait a little while). 3)Small leak on the front of the engine. 4)Small drip from the front differential cover.

I figured I would try to figure out what was up with the passenger side brake light. It only came with a brake light on the driver side, so until I installed the turn signal conversion, I wouldn’t have a passenger brake light. I also figured out that the brake light switch was either bad or has an air lock  in it. The brake light s work if you connect the 2 wires from the switch together. With military brake light switches running $75, I think I am going to try a civilian one first – fingers crossed ($5)!

I started out reading the instructions for the conversion kit. It was talking about cutting wires and adding connectors and running extra wires – I was about to say forget it! Then, I started looking at the little metal ID number tags on each wire and the turn signal harness while reading the instructions. I forgot that I ordered the new vehicle wiring harness ALREADY wired for turn signals! All I had to do was disconnect the light switch and connect the turn signal harness between it and the vehicle wiring harness. Then, I temporarily connected the turn signal harness ground wire and screwed in the flasher and the turn signal switch. PRESTO! All of the lights on the back (B.O. marker, running, brake, turn signal) worked like they were supposed to! And even the green flashing light on the turn signal switch worked. The 4 way flashers work. I was VERY surprised. I’ve been dreading doing this conversion for a long time, and it turned out being VERY easy. All I have to do now is decide whether I want to keep the current front B.O. marker lights and put another set of turn signal lights on the front, or convert the marker lights to turn signals – using orange lenses. Any input on this? I’ll try to find some pics to post so you can see what I am talking about. Either way, I am going to have to run 2 wires for the front turn signals to work.

Here’s a pic of the new solid state flasher I picked up back in October at the Georgia MVPA rally (I also got the switch there – for $25/ea). They were guaranteed to work – and they do!

The flasher is the finned thing in the middle. The harness is run through with the chassis harness and grounded right above the grommet.

And here’s one with the turn signal indicator light flashing – see, they really do work!

I also got my horn beeping. The switch didn’t need adjusting – the button rod did. I’m going to have to record the Jeep Beep and put it on here – gotta love it!

Jordan and I drove around the field a couple of times, then came back and got Mandy and rode around a little longer, then I went back and parked her in the shop to adjust the idle. About the time I shut her down, my neighbor called – he said he saw us riding around, and he wanted to go for a ride too!. So, back out I went. I picked him up and we went to the other field beside his house and rode for a few minutes. After we got back, he said that was the bumpiest ride he had ever taken! He couldn’t even take a sip of his beer while we were moving! I told him that HMVs were made for utility, not comfort. Nuff said!

I had planned on checking the trailer plug wiring by hooking up to my M101a2, but by the time we were done it was supper time. I have to work some overtime for the next 2 nights (to pay for this thang!), then back on my shift the day after. I might try to test the trailer lights tomorrow anyway though.

I’m still holding back on the interior (although, if I don’t hurry up and bite the bullet, they will be backed up and I won’t be able to get it too quick).

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