Progress made

I got off work this morning and went to pick up my windshield. It turned out good, but not perfect (the middle divider isn’t completely straight). I have $241 in the new glass and seal! The NOS seal I had (packaged in 4/1954) was so stiff that he couldn’t use it, so I had to order a new one at $80 ($91 with shipping!). The glass, installed, was $150.

I also went ahead and installed the vacuum lines, upper door channels and top rod brackets. I still have to rebuild/paint/install the passenger side vacuum wiper motor.

I now have 4 OD green wheels – albeit 3 different types! I knew I had 2 military and 2 civvy, but I didn’t notice until I mounted them that I had 2 civvy (same style) and 2 military (different styles)! I’ll have to steal the wheels off of the trailers to get a matching set! I was going to have to sand blast those anyway!

I went ahead and painted my passenger and rear seat frames while I was painting – it is supposed to be raining tomorrow, so I’ll be working inside on wiring. I started troubleshooting the wiring problems this evening. I still have a brake light that stays on all the time (the other one won’t work until I install the turn signal conversion), a horn that doesn’t blow (need to adjust the switch, I think), and have to install the turn signal kit. I guess I’ll work on that tomorrow.

I also found out that I am going to have to loosen all of my body mounts and adjust the body. When I put my old hood on today, it was shifted about an inch to one side – it wouldn’t even close. The rear panel and passenger fender aren’t lined up either.

I guess some interior and markings and shoes are in her future before long. I was kind of wanting to get her finished before the Steel Soldiers rally in Denton, NC next month, but there’s no way. They are going to be doing trail rides there – that would be fun! I found out that I can pull it on a tow dolly if I disconnect the rear driveshaft, so I was thinking about pulling it behind the RV.

Well, here’s 1 more pic – will update on tomorrow’s progress.

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