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I got a call Thursday from the glass installer. He said the glass seal they sent him was for a CJ5 – single piece of glass. He asked if that would do, or if I wanted to try to find a seal. I told him that it had to be a 2 piece – that is one of the signature traits for a military Jeep. I called around to almost all of the surplus parts dealers that I know of on Thursday – all of them either didn’t have a seal or they were backordered.

On the way home from work Friday morning I stopped at O’reilly and got a 1/4″ x 51″ brake line so that I could make new solid lines for the vacuum windshield wipers – the originals were rusty and plugged up. When I got home I cut the lines to length and bent the one that goes around the edge of the windshield. One nice thing about the brake lines at O’rielly and Auto Zone is that they are already green! I had already painted the clamps and replacement screws, so all I have to do is install them and the door channels when I get my windshield back from the glass installer.

I had a little more time left before bed, so I went ahead and scuffed the freshly primed wheels with a red Scotch Brite pad – so that they will be ready to paint on the next warm day we have. It looks like next week is supposed to be in the 70’s, so I guess I’ll get that done before I get off of work next week.

When I got inside I called Army Jeep Parts. They had 2 glass seals left – then they would be back ordered. The girl said that they are the company that has the seals made, and distributes them to the rest of the dealers – that’s why nobody had them (even the distributor was almost out). I hurried up and ordered one and got her to ship it to the glass installer to save me a trip. She said she would ship it out yesterday USPS, so hopefully it will be there first thing Monday or Tuesday (it’s coming from PA, so it’s not that far away). That seal cost me $80 + shipping! Of course, all of the dealers (except Kaiser Willys here in SC) were the same price. Kaiser was $62.50, but out of stock!

That’s it for this update – I will hopefully get the wheels painted early next week and get some pics on here. I will take a couple of shots of the new windshield (which is a piece of gold now – $100(glass) + $50(install fee) + $80(seal) = $230!) and vacuum tubes and door channels installed.


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