4 done, spare left to do

Well, I got 3 out of 4 done. I figure the spare can wait. I had to stop mid way to help my neighbor put a trampoline together – then we decided to go for a 4 wheeler ride and drink a few beers.

I went to Tractor Supply to buy screws for the hard vacuum lines and door channels on the windshield frame and the J hooks for the rear seat. I ended up finding Valspar red oxide primer for $3.99/can and a blasting hood (money well spent – $20) – it even had a hard hat inside. I also found that they have a black beauty type media  (called Black Diamond) in smaller grits, for $8/ 50# bag – I don’t know whether it is made in the USA (didn’t read the bag) – I might try it the next time I need media since it is cheaper.

The first wheel ended up taking about 2 hrs and 1 1/2 bags (75#) of media! I started looking for the problem after about and hour – and only having finished one side. It ended up being a combination of things. First, the tip was worn out – good thing I had a pack of spares. I replaced the tip and tried again – after getting the media valve just right, it was eating the paint off! Then it stopped. I ended up taking the whole bottom media inlet apart and cleaning it. I tried again and it stopped up again. Then I turned the whole tank over and dumped it out on the tarp. The was probably 60# of media in the tank – including about 5# of black beauty! I sifted all of the trash and black beauty out (using about a 60 grit seive that came with my blasting cabinet) and put the rest back in the tank. It worked like a charm then – didn’t plug up again, and ate the paint like it should. And the air compressor kept the pressure about 75psi the whole time. The other 2 wheels didn’t take long at all – maybe an hour total. After I got everything working right, I only used 2 1/2 bags of media on the 3 wheels – of course, I sifted and re used  it until there was no more on the tarp.

I found some tape today, so I didn’t have to use wheel bearing grease! I taped them off and primed them.

I called the glass installer this morning to see if he found a locking bead for me. His secretary said she couldn’t find one. So, I got on the phone with the surplus dealers and found one – and ordered it and some other stuff. I called the installer back to tell him I would have one next week. He said he had been working with my seal, but it was not going to work, and he had found a new style seal without the locking strip that should work – it would be there at lunch time. I told him to call me back and let me know so that I could cancel the order I had made earlier if it worked. By 3:00, I still hadn’t heard from him, so I called – the secretary said he was on a call , but the seal was there. I called and cancelled the locking strip order anyway. I’ll deal with it later!

Back to work tomorrow night – might or might not work on it this week. Will update if I do.

2 responses to “4 done, spare left to do

    • Thanks! It’s not always fun – especially when I have to do stuff more than once – you know how much I love doing that! Well, shes not ticking anymore, since I did the head last week – just kidding. I definately know what makes this thing tick! There can’t be more than 50 or so bolts I haven’t turned or removed on this thing! She has almost stopped fighting me though – things seem to be going more smoothly now, and coming together quicker. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!


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