Mostly playing today

I started off by putting the driver’s seat frame back in.

I double checked my hand brake before I pulled the rod off to paint it and made the call to shorten it. It was not clamping down completely on the drum before the handle got to the last notch. I shortened it by 3/4″, put it on the lathe and turned it down small enough to thread it. After threading, I checked the length and sprayed a quick coat of paint on it. While the paint was drying I put the skid plate on (that covers the transfer case). Then I got bored waiting on the paint to dry and went ahead and put the hand brake rod back together and installed it (still tacky).

I took the Jeep out and drove it around the field and driveway for a while – for about 20 minutes. I had no problems. When I got back, I saw a couple of drops of oil coming from the oil pan, so I tightened all of the oil pan screws.

I decided to put a few more miles on it then. The ol’ ‘A1 couldn’t stand it any longer, so I went and hooked up my M100 trailer.  Boy, you can really tell that it is down on power (because of the valve problem) pulling a trailer. I had to put it in low range to pull up the hill! I pulled it around the field and up and down the driveway a few times, then had to try its articulation on the hill.

And here a photo op in the field – I think the trailer and hitch line up pretty level.

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