Engine testing today

I borrowed a compression tester today and decided to check the engine out this afternoon when my other plans fell apart.

I warmed the engine up and re-adjusted the timing by ear (like the guys on www.willysmjeeps.com told me to do). Got her running pretty smooth again and adjusted the carb again. Then I pulled the plugs out to do the compression test. The plugs were black and sooty. I tested each cylinder twice – here’s the readings for the 2nd time: 137, 77, 125, 130. When I re-assembled the engine, I thought that #3 had a stuck exhaust valve, but I guess it was #2 by looking at the readings. I guess it DID come back to haunt me! I cleaned the plugs and put them back in. That also explains the low power I was experiencing while I was driving around yesterday – I thought it should have had more pull going up hill in 1st gear!

Next I did a manifold vacuum test (you can tell all kinds of stuff doing this test – when done right). The readings I got were pretty low compared to what the manual says (or it could mean that the engine isn’t timed right). Also, the needle was jumping around a lot while the engine was cold – which means a valve is sticking (#2 exhaust valve). The low readings could also be because I didn’t hook the meter up at the right place – I asked the forum about that already.

Well maybe tomorrow I can get the gas tank done (the big thing I have been dreading and putting off for the last 4 months!

3 responses to “Engine testing today

  1. Excellent job. I enjoy with your restauration. Have you bought the seat cover and the canvas top? Where? Do you have photos?
    I have a m38a1 too.

    Regards and continue

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks – you ought to subscribe to it and get an email every time I update it. I’m slowly getting there- she seems to be fighting me all the way! I am hoping to get her done by Spring, as I have a rally to take her to in October, but I want to work all of the kinks out of her before I take her on any trail rides at the rally.
      I have not bought my seat covers or top yet. I have been researching and debating on who I will be buying them from. I was going to get the seat covers from Surplus City Jeep Parts – I read that their canvas was not OEM quality or color, but would be fine for the seats. The price ($295) was great, but the shipping across the country was going to kill any savings I got. Beachwood Canvas is OEM quality and weight, but they use a lighter OD (almost tan) canvas, plus it costs more. The other 2 manufacturers (New Life Canvas and WeeBee Webbing) are of comparable quality and cost, being made to Mil specs and don’t cost much more ($315) than Surplus City. I have pretty much decided to go with WeeBee Webbing (www.odcloth.com) because they are located on the East Coast (Ohio), and I will probably be able to pick them up to save on shipping (Donna told me there is only a 1-2 day lead time right now and I can pick them up). They also have a good price on the top, although I don’t remember exactly what the difference between them and New Life Canvas was. The top wil most likely have to wait until I sell my M416 trailer, as it would be difficult to justify spending $800 on a top right now.
      I have a lot of pics in my photo gallery on the willysmjeeps website – actually more than I have on my computer. If you are a member there, go to page 3 and I think the 3rd row down – user name wilfreeman. If you are not a member there you should be – tons of info and downloadable manuals and some of the most knowledgable people in the hobby!


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