Back to work on it

Well, after seeing the family off to PA, I jumped in the car and went to the parts place to get some wheel studs and nut to replace the left side (left hand thread) wheel studs. 3 of the rear wheel studs were broken off, so I figured I would just change all 10 out to right hand studs. I went to Autozone – no go – didn’t have any in stock (had them in Rock Hill though, but on 5). Went to Oreilly – same thing. Finally I found them at Car Quest, but they only had 7 (not 10), and they were 1/4″ longer than I needed. It was still light outside when I got home, so I decided to go ahead and get these done tonight.

Turns out that the rear studs were already right hand threaded (probably why I broke them off in the first place). The fronts are left hand thread – I didn’t have enought to do all of them, so I didn’t even start on the front ones. I knocked all 3 of the broken studs out and 1 of the good ones. I used the bench grinder to shorten the new studs 1/4″, using the old stud to measure against. After I got 1 of them shortened, I installed it in the hub using 3 washers and the lug nut turned around backwards – the impact wrench pulled it up tight. Then I put the brake drum and wheel back on temporarily to check that everything was fitting up – it did. I installed the other 2 new ones and tried the nut on the old one I knocked out – it wouldn’t tighten up. Seems I messed the threads up when I knocked it out. So I had to shorten another new one and install it. I put the brake drum and wheel back on and I was done – total time spent – 30 minutes!

After I finished those, I decided to go ahead and strike another thing off of the Final Jeep to-do list – change the locking hub o-rings that I got a few weeks ago. I took the driver’s side apart just like before and replaced the o-ring and put it back together – 5 minutes. On the passenger’s side I did it a little different to see if there was an easier way. I took just 3 screws out and the hub knob slid right off with the locking gear and spring safely secured inside – the o-ring was right there. I replaced the o-ring, slid the hub knob back on, put the 3 screws back in and was done in (maybe) 3 minutes! I guess the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more ways you find to do things. Total time – 8 minutes

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day in the 60’s, so I am going to work on the Jeep again. The plan is to 1)get the drag link torn down and put back together correctly, 2)install the hand brake assy., 3)install the skid plate, 4)check the fuel pump, and if it is working correctly, 5)remove tank and weld tabs in it, 6)install the pickup and sending unit and 7)finish fuel line.

I’ll have to keep my fingers and toes crossed on the fuel pump. If it doesn’t pump enough (cam lobe is worn down), I will either have to replace the cam with the motor in the Jeep, rebuild the spare motor and install it, or put an electric fuel pump on for the time being.

We’ll see tomorrow!


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