Just a little update

Well, as some of you know, I went to the local MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association – to which I’ve been a member for 15 years, I joined back when I bought the Jeep) meeting on Wednesday. They are called MVCSC (Military Vehicle Collectors of South Carolina) and are based in Columbia. http://www.themvcsc.com/themvcsc/Welcome.html
It was a pretty good first meeting for me – I got to meet about 10 or so guys (the ones that were standing around bs’ing and drinking). Most of the others were running around working or helping others. The “compound”, as they call it, has all kind of vehicles and trailers, an enclosed shed with work bays and a toolroom, a classroom, containers (40′ shipping containers)full of equipment and parts, military tents set up – all kinds of stuff. I talked with a couple of guys for a long time and learned a lot about what the club does and is all about. It is a non-profit club which receives a lot of equipment and preferred status with the local military bases a far as surplus and access is concerned. They are invited to, and attend as a group, many shows and events all through the year – their busiest time is in November and December though. They attend anything veteran or military related in NC, SC and GA. They also do car shows and holiday celebrations (St. Patty’s Day in Columbia they run a beer stand!). They went to Charleston to Patriot’s Point and did a display and got to sleep on the Yorktown.  And they also do fund-raisers for the club and for military charities. This seems like something that fits me pretty well, so I think I will be joining the club after a few more meetings. My work schedule won’t allow me to make but about half of the meetings, but they say that’s fine – as long as I can do something in the hobby.
As far a the Jeep is concerned, I ordered a new fiber washer and seal and gasket for my water pump yesterday – fingers will be crossed when I work on that one more time.

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