Fuel pump is on

I got the new fuel pump put on today, which (of course) was not as easy as it sounds. I started by removing the old one and cleaning the old gasket off of the block. Then I inspected the cam lobe (that works the pump) because it was real shiny and caught my eye. The damn thing was worn down for some reason! Maybe the old pump foot wasn’t moving as far as it should (I checked it – it was moving but don’t know if it was moving far enough?), but it sure is worn – I hope that it moves enough to make full fuel pressure – if not, I’ll be pulling the cam to change that lobe. When I started tightening the first bolt that holds the pump on, it snapped (par for the course!)! So I had to take the pump back off, drill a hole in the part that broke off and got it out with an easy out. Then I put the pump back up and found another bolt. They tightened down fine this time. I cranked the engine (without the water pump on) up and ran it long enough to verify that it was making pressure on the fuel pump end and vacuum on the vacuum pump end. Then I shut it down. I found the old fuel line that runs from the pump to the carburetor and fished it all around the engine (factory routing) and connected it to the fuel pump, but not the carb yet (I’m still running it off the gas can on the cowl until I can get my gas tank modified a little more). Then I found my old factory fuel shutoff valve – the packing and spring were gone in it, so I went to my old parts chassis and swiped the one off of it. It was stuck, but after I sprayed some penetrating oil in it and worked it a little, it was fine. I installed it and an inline fuel filter before the carb.

My hub seals didn’t get on the Fed ex truck on Friday, so they say they will be there AFTER 4:30 tomorrow! I guess I’ll be finishing running the fuel lines to the tank and taking the tank back out to weld in the tabs for the fuel cap chain and the strainer, and bolting the fuel pickup and sending unit in. And, of course, I will have to repaint the areas where I welded because it will burn the paint off in those areas.

I decided to clean up the bearings and hub and 4wd selector hubs when I ran out of stuff to do. When I started to wipe the 1st bearing with a paper towel, I remembered that I have a parts washer! I wish I would have remembered that the other day when I was dealing with the rest of that nasty knuckle and axle! Would have saved a lot of work and paper towels. Anyway, I plugged it up  – and nothing! I took the tub off of it and looked down in it – all the (detergent base) cleaning solution was gone and only the sludge was left. I had another (5 gal) of solvent based stuff I bought a few years ago and never used, so I poured it in – this stuff smells like mineral spirits. I plugged the pump up and nothing, not even a hum! I pulled the pump out and tapped on it with a screwdriver and it started to hum a little so I tapped on it a little more and it started to spin. I put it back in the solvent and put the tub back on the drum. I plugged it back up and let it run for about 30 seconds, but it wasn’t pumping. I unplugged it, let it sit for a few seconds and plugged it back up – it started pumping!

It was on then! I got all my parts in there and went to it – cleaned every bit of thick, gooey, burnt oil looking grease out of everything. I got them out of the parts washer and blew them off and wiped them down. Then I packed the bearings and greased everything up. Now, when I get my seals tomorrow afternoon, all I have to do is throw everything back together – shouldn’t take long at all – SHOULDN’T!

I’ll throw some pictures up tomorrow – I forgot to take any today.

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