I should have trusted my instincts

Man, I should have trusted my instincts and just gone ahead and either bought a rebuilt water pump from one of the military vehicle parts places ($65 + shipping), or bought a replacement one from Oreilly ($32 + tax) and take a chance on the quality and alignment issues! I decided to get out in the shop this afternoon after my plans to get Mandy’s b-day present this morning fell through.

   I got my spare water pump out and started taking it apart just to see how to do it. I didn’t have the right puller to pull the impeller off, so I tried a 3 arm puller – GUESS WHAT? There’s a reason you need a special puller! I broke a piece of the impeller off! Oh well, lesson learned – I still had the one on the engine. I figured out how to get the impeller off with my press. Then I pressed the pulley hub off and tapped the shaft/bearing assembly out.

   OK, on to the one on the engine. I took it off the engine and started pressing the impeller off – using extra care, supporting it on 3 sides. It finally started to move when BAM, the impeller shatters and flys in 4 different directions! I guess rusty, 58 year old cast iron isn’t too strong after all. I resigned myself to having to either buy a water pump or risk buying a replacement impeller ($12 MORE dollars + shipping = $49 in this rebuild) and hopefully get the thing rebuilt and put back together without breaking something else! So I decided to go ahead and press the pulley off of it and sell it on ebay to recoup some of this money. It pressed right off the shaft. When I inspected it, there were bend marks in 4 places where it sat on the steel supports! So much for selling that now! Nothing was going right today.

   So, after the water pump fiasco, I unhooked the battery (as I always do before I leave it alone for the day), and I dropped the battery post nut. And guess where it went? Up under the battery tray where the only way to get to it is to take the batteries and trays out, or take the battey box bottom out – neither of which is anywhere near being a quick and easy job! Time to get as far away from the jeep as I can for now – I am starting to get fed up with pumping money into it and only having to keep pumping money into it to get anything done on it. Maybe it’s about time to quit on it for the winter – it’s hard to work on it out there in the cold, and the overtime has nearly stopped (only a day here and there) too. We’ll see – maybe I’ll fire the kerosine heater up and do something after Christmas or New Year’s.


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