More about the springs


I pulled a front tire off my Jeep and held one of my new springs up to compare – everything looks good! There is also a good bit more arch, so until the springs settle in the front of the Jeep, it will probably sit higher than the back. With weight on the front, the current springs are almost flat!

I ordered some new bushings off of ebay last night because the rubber is cracked in the new springs. I went ahead and pressed the old bushings out.

2014-02-17 13.38.12

Here is a pic of the other 2 springs that I will be selling soon – a little surface rust and the bushings will need replacing. They are the early type with the beveled leaves. Notice the old canvas toe tag (nothing left to read on it, but it is still there).


2014-02-17 13.38.47

Picked up some NOS front springs


I ran across these springs on Craigslist last week. I contacted the guy and he didn’t know what they fit. He gave me the measurements and I checked them with the manual and Wes on Everything measured out right – 38 1/4″ eye to eye, 1.75″ wide, 7/16″ eye, 12 leaves, 6 clamps,  NOS. They still have the green paint, leftover sticker residue and canvas tag remnants. Only problem was that all of them are the same – front springs. Good thing is that I need the fronts more than the rears! I just realized that the picture makes them look like they are used springs – they actually do look new with a little surface rust along the edges. I guess I will check them out  in the next couple of days to make double sure they are right. I will have to order some new bushings before I put them on – rubber kind of deteriorates over 50-60 years time and they have a few cracks in the rubber. All in all, I am very happy about this find! Once I double check the fit, I will have the other 2 up for sale (or trade for rear springs).

Playing in the snow!

Today was the first time that I had ever had the Jeep out in the weather (the snow). We got about 6-8″ here, so we took her out for a ride through town and down a back road. I don’t know why everybody says that the NDCCs don’t do well in the snow – I thought they had plenty of traction. We rode around for a while – about 10 miles or so.It was about 27deg outside and I don’t have doors on the Jeep, so it was COLD riding around! Maybe I will be able to find some doors and a heater before next winter.




Then we went back to the field for a few pics and then did some drifting in the snow – I wish I would’ve gotten some video of that!



My favorite:DSC02195

A little while later, I took the kids for a ride up the road and back. We went down this road that no one had been down today:


The the guys wanted to go for a ride. We drove down a back road to the end, then down through a hilly area. I had to put her in 4 lo to keep the power up to make it to the top of a couple of hills – they were pretty steep. She made it though, without a complaint! She ran and drove perfectly. There were a few times when the road got pretty slick and I had to make quick corrections in direction though.

Overall, we all had a good time and the Jeep performed flawlessly. The only complaints I have are the vacuum w/s wipers didn’t work, so the sleet froze to the windshield and made visibility impossible and dangerous. I also need to get some doors.

SOLD: On parts Jeep and all spare parts

I have had a few people making offers on my parts Jeep and some of the parts that I have up for sale. For now, the sale of my parts Jeep and ALL of the Jeep parts I have for sale on my blog (three posts down) are considered SALE PENDINGSOLD

The m100 chassis and fenders are still for sale, as is my M101a2 trailer that I didn’t list. I also have a 1954 Farmall Cub (restored) with an unrestored IH belly mower and belly  scrape blade, and a few 3pt farm implements for sale. If interested, send me an email.

Shackles – done!

I got the shackles painted and put on today – gives it a nice finished look!

2014-02-05 14.41.44

2014-02-05 14.42.06

Now I just have to locate the correct clevis pins(?) for the shackle pins without spending $12 ea for them! It is a shame what a simple chain and 2 pins or clips(depending on the application) are going for from the surplus dealers. Which got me thinking. I have been looking around and found a couple of manufacturers that will make the shackle pins and ring clips to my spec. The chain is available locally. Would there be any interest from my subscribers in a set of securing chains and hardware? A set would be:

4 – for the front and rear shackles (4 – 5″ chain, 4 – drive pins to secure the chain to the bracket and 4 – clips)

shackle chain

Using this type of clip:


2 – for the top bow to w/s rods (2 – 5″ chain, 2 – drive pin and 2 – home made securing pins or shackle clips like pic above)


2 – for the top bow wing nuts (2 – 5″ chain, 4 – ring clips)


2 – for the passenger seat pivot brackets (2 – 5″ chain, 4 ring clips and 2 home made pins). Pic borrowed from Kaiser Willys. Chain will be steel, not brass – unless I can find a cheap source for it. Or you could get the shackle type clips instead of the pins.

seat pivot chains

And finally a gas tank strainer chain (1 – 5″ chain, 2 – clips like the 2nd picture or 2 – ring clips )

The price would be dependent on how many I bought – the more I buy, the lower it costs for me to have them made. I’m sure I would be able to sell different size kits – Full Jeep kit, Bow Support Rod kit, Shackle kit or Seat Pivot Bracket kit. I would also be able to sell individual chains for each application. The price would, for sure, be less than everybody else is charging (looks like about $12 per pair) and shipping would be alot cheaper.

So, if there is enough interest, I will pursue this and get some pricing lined up. If not, I will forget it – it’s not really worth my time (and money up front) to make a few dollars off of 50 sets (a few dollars off of 100 sets might be worth it though!). I am just guessing, but they will probably be in the $6/assembled chain range. There are 11 chains in the full set, so probably around $65/set. Price may be more or less – again, that depends on quantity.

Shackles cleaned/straightened and primed

I had to go out in the cold and misting rain this morning to make some video about some of my parts I have for sale for a fellow Steel Soldier. When I finished that I decided to get my shackles cleaned up. I fired up the turbine heater to warm the shop and went to work.

I used a wire wheel on my bench grinder to clean them and finished up with a wire brush. When I was working on the second one I realized that the ring was bent outward.2014-02-04_10-06-48_765

I have no idea how I didn’t notice this! I guess I was just so excited to find originals. I put the handy dandy 20Ton press to work,


I have the back end sitting on a piece of 1/8″ steel to give it a little extra bend because metal always tries to go back to its original shape when you are bending it. After I got this bend straight, I realized that the ears were bent in toward each other, so I used a steel with a wedge taper to push them apart.


After I laid them on the bench side by side, I saw that the other shackle ring was slightly bent outward, so a couple of pumps on the press straightened it right out. I sprayed a few coats of red oxide on them and I will spray some OD24087 on them tomorrow.